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About Us

Together we are a dynamic husband & wife team that create beautiful weddings at our vineyard.  Casi Cielo means “Almost Heaven” which is our hope for your wedding day. We have high standards for the quality of our events, attention to detail, and in the high level of customer service that we provide. Before we start creating your wedding, we meet with you to discuss the many details of your special day. Once we work out all of the logistical elements, we are able to fulfill your dreams in making your wedding the best day ever, and creating many beautiful memories for you and your guests. In putting together our ideas and strengths, we achieve the "Casi Cielo" dream for your wedding.

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Her Role:

Jaclyn enjoys developing our business through building relationships with our couples. She has worked in the event industry for the past 17 years. She enjoys working the creativity of her job and the fulfillment in seeing the joy on each couples' face on their wedding day.

Her Background:

Jaclyn was born and raised at the family ranch, Gerry Ranch, in Santa Rosa Valley. Her family has lived in Santa Rosa Valley for over seven decades and in Ventura County for over one hundred years. She has her Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Leadership from BIOLA University.

Her Favorites:

Her husband and two kids, hiking, reading, traveling, succulents & cacti, coffee & baking.

Waller Weddings

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His Role:

Juan manages the event rentals and venue projects.  He ensures that our events are set up correctly. No detail is too small for him.  He is constantly on the lookout for new rental items to add to our inventory that keep us on the cutting edge of wedding styles.  

His Background:

Juan has worked in the wedding industry for more than 22 years. Through that experience, he gained important insight for how to create events that function properly and look amazing. Juan and Jaclyn met working together for DJ's California Catering Company.

His Favorites:

Juan loves his wife and kids. He likes working out, traveling, DIY projects, & his dogs.

Waller Weddings

Waller Weddings

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